Payton - Senior Session

I went through a period when I didn't really aim to do senior sessions. I was burnt out on the local market saturation and from the stiff competition for those airbrushed/photoshopped unrealistic looking senior portraits. I want no part of that stuff. I sort of never found my style or voice in the whole senior portrait thing. After some fun subjects this year, I'm definitely into doing as much as I can. 

Zoey - Senior Session

What a fun shoot! Man, if I could do senior sessions that ended up like this one, I wouldn't do anything else. Zoey was fun and funny and I really hope that translates to this set. 

Susan and Gene

Fall Goodness - Carrie and Lance

It's almost fall-time again. The familiar nip in the air. Coffee shops smell/reek of pumpkin spices, and some of the leaves are beginning to turn that classic orange hue. Since it's not quite autumn enough to do any fall sessions this season, let's take a look back to a great shoot from last year. You can almost hear the leaves crackle under your chukka boots and corduroy pants. Thanks again, Carrie and Lance. 

Outer Banks - June 2017